UPDATE:  Pushback on Nassau County Exec’s Invitation to ICE

From Long Island Wins:

Angela Papalia, a social worker with Adelphi New York Statewide Breast Cancer Hotline & Support Program at Nassau University Medical Center said that Curran’s decision was placing the health of immigrants in danger. “We have concerns that women, children and families will not receive lifesaving care due to the fear that has arisen by the news that was released yesterday,” she told reporters.

Sorry, County Executive Curran, but….


Source: Immigrant Rights Supporters Denounce Laura Curran’s Plan to Put ICE at Nassau University Medical Center – Long Island Wins

Nassau County Executive Moves ICE to Nassau U. Medical Center for…Reasons

Via Long Island Wins:

In an outrageous move on Tuesday, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran announced via e-mail that she was moving ICE out of a trailer at the Nassau County Jail and into an unused building at the Nassau University Medical Center next door.


How much rent are they now paying?  This information should be available to the public as soon as possible.  Are they paying for parking areas?  How visible will they be?  Nassau County Executives at their usual best, a.k.a. absolutely awful.


Source: County Exec Curran to Move ICE to Nassau University Medical Center Creating Fear in Immigrant Communities – Long Island Wins

William Barr Has Bad Record on Immigration – Long Island Wins

Most media coverage of William Barr’s hearing Tuesday for confirmation as Attorney General focused on how he anticipates handling the Trump/Russian collusion investigation. However, Barr was asked a number of questions about his views on immigration. As Attorney General, Barr would have a major role in crafting immigration regulations and he would be in charge …


Source: Attorney General Nominee William Barr Has Bad Record on Immigration – Long Island Wins

Suffolk and Nassau Policy of Detaining Immigrants on ICE Warrants Ruled Illegal

From Long Island Wins:

“The New York State Appellate Division Court issued a judgement today finding the holding of immigrants by local and state police on ICE detainers and non-judicial immigration orders is illegal.”

Tell your municipality to stop wasting taxpayer dollars on immigrants that ICE is going to let wallow in your custody for days as you house and feed them.

Source: Suffolk and Nassau Law Enforcement Policy of Detaining Immigrants on ICE Warrants Ruled Illegal – Long Island Wins

From Military Times:  Rules of engagement for troops at Mexican border

Source: Here are the rules of engagement for troops deploying to the Mexican border


“According to the Congressional Research Service, under the extended support, the military may provide “assistance in maintenance or upgrade of equipment; transportation of personnel; establishment and operation of operations or training bases; training of law enforcement personnel; detecting and monitoring traffic within 25 miles of the border; road and fence construction; light installation along smuggling corridors; the establishment of command and control centers and computer networks; the provision of linguist and intelligence analysis services; and aerial and ground reconnaissance.””


USCIS Using Tablets to Administer the English Reading and Writing Tests for Naturalization | USCIS

USCIS beginning to use digital tablets to administer the English reading and writing tests during naturalization interviews as part of the agency’s ongoing “business” modernization efforts.

What about administering Naturalization exams is…a business?  How many elderly people will fail because they will have issues writing with a stylus?  My clients already have trouble with the digital tablets.  People with vision problems don’t use tablets because they are hard to see, and often glasses produce glare.

Is this really worth it?  This is what our tax dollars is going to?

Computer or tablet ‘literacy’ is not a naturalization requirement.  I guess we’ll have to start helping our clients practice writing with a digital stylus on top of the English and Civics preparation.

Source: USCIS Using Tablets to Administer the English Reading and Writing Tests for Naturalization | USCIS